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Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Item!Non-member items?!

Hey Jammers!
There's a new item in Jam Mart Furniture,
Dog Sled
you can hitch your pets to it,
Like Snowyclaw said,
I used :
*My 2 Reindeer (in the back)
*My dog (right side front)
*My Cat (left side front)
I don't know why I used my cat I didn't have another dog though,
Haha and my Cat is looking at me like I'm CRAZY When I said "Mush!"
Turns out that cat can rule the others it didn't go anywhere!
Now how am I gonna win the
Ididaride Race?!
I should of has 4 reindeer then I put a beard on then I say :
(whatever Santa says)
And I will fly!
Now your probably thinking When are you gonna talk about the non-member items!?
Well now I am!
Know you know.
If you heard off of either Lovelost's Blog or Snowyclaw's blog (LoveLost was the first to post about this)
But I looked up a Jammer Named "Magic"
And other "world"
Lets first talk about Magic,
She has a Unicorn Horn,
and a Flower Bracelet.
(of member items on her)
I know the reason why.
Because in beta membership wasn't created,
and once membership became,
when you membership expired your items would be stuck on you,
until you sent it to someone or you recycle it.
So these players would be known as beta players.
Now world.
She has A ninja mask.
And same reason she has that item on.
As some of you know my friend "hide"
Has (non) member wings on.
He was hacked by some creep,
That hacker came on his file and he was not acting right (the REAL hide doesn't use that file anymore)
and he logged off and tried to get back on now TODAY that he is a she.
Look up hide GIRL ANIMALS.
I'm not giving away hide's new username because that hacker could hack his new file.
And I'm not doing that to my friend.
Friends are Forever.
And Friends don't do things like that you would be considered a Backstabber.
Because that person trusted you,
And you just let that trust fail.
In other words if you split those 2 words in that word up you get back and stabber,
That also means that you went behind that person's back and it meanings STABBED them.
(you didn't really stab them you just hurt them)
Now I found one more person and this is REALLY interesting,
It's what all bloggers have been talking about,
non-member swords.
nm has a member sword
(sold in Jam Mart Furniture)
This is ninja fascinating that this item is available.
We got the same idea right?
that I'm gonna keep looking for beta players that have nm swords and you CAN'T get them in Jam Mart Furniture.
Well that's true.
But I found another beta player.
With A skull and Spartan Armor on.
I found 2 more (my favorite!)

Flam is my fovorite you wanna know why?
Because it haso one of my dream items on it!
It's the Leaf Necklace!
I've always dreamed of having one of those.
And Fire has the wings that hide had!
Hide told me how much memories he had with his wings :(
UGH I I'm gonna need your help to find a Jammer with a nm sword
Here are the colors of the sword that I need help finding with:

If you find any of these color swords on a nm (non member)
Then comment below and tell me your username and I will give you credit!
Oh Yeah and the swords are Pirate Swords.
Bye Jammers!
New page added "More Blogs"


  1. Water has 2 member items. Purple wings and Green leaf bracelets or wutevar dey ar cald. Dur. air has your favorite item, the leaf necklace, and those leaf bracelets. SEA has a skull. There's tons more beta accounts out there... I know it...

    1. @theorca55
      Wow thanks your username is theorca55 right?
      You'll be in my next post!
      Thank you very much!

  2. a leaf, as a dream item? I have items 50x better, not to brag..but i can get you one. add me on animal jam my username is imagineer100.

    1. @Ziconic
      You really can get me one!
      I'll add you.
      Thanks so much!
      My Requst is sent!

    2. Ummm...
      Can you send me a request?
      Because when I send one then you dont say yes.
      Can you send me a request!?
      Thanks SO much and yes a leaf is my dream item and so is a top hat :| but I know I'll never get one of those :( :( :(

    3. Hey suppergirl!! :) You blog is way better than mine and a leaf actually is kind of one of my dream items... not green but blue. I had one but I traded it away and I never got one since. I'm trading anything I have BUT my scary bat wings and my blue top!

  3. umm here is a list of tons of beta players enjoy!

    pw, poa, friendsforever, 7up, fg, pn,qw, na, hij,catt,6,jaka,oop,rainy, and beta. thats all da users bye

  4. look up dixiedaisy448 she has a grey or purple, whatever color the first one is.

  5. I found @fartface .. he have blue wings and ninja mask !!! @CeleneForest have nm sword !! @Luckily have nm sword too .. @craz have sword too .. @bunnygirl04 have angel wings

    From jack00211 /i am a girl/